• Beyond The Hybrid Working Policies

    about 1 month ago by Katrina Chui

    The global pandemic has forced asset management firms to introduce flexible working policies. Fidelity implements permanent flexible working for its employees worldwide; Schroders also announced permanently embracing flexible working.“The job market this year from the asset management perspective is “skyrocketing” compared to last year,” Andrew Zee, Selby Jennings vice pres...

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  • Quants Global Market Report 2021

    about 2 months ago by Katrina Chui

    ​With an extremely active hiring market and an increase in demand for specialist talent, our Quants Recruitment team has produced a Global Market Report 2021 to share key insights and trends from across the industry.This market report discusses insights on:Execution strat’s and High-Frequency TradingThe continued growth of Systematic Fixed Income TradingHow Quant firms are d...

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  • Selby Jennings Job Confidence Index 2021

    2 months ago

    ​We are in the precipice of the greatest workplace transformation. Financial Services leaders and talent acquisition professionals are currently facing a market that is deeply driven and navigated by candidates.In a post-pandemic landscape that is ripe with economic opportunity and dynamic operational recovery, understanding the unique sentiments embedded in the minds, hopes...

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  • Employee Job Confidence: A New Dawn?

    3 months ago

    ​As the global economy is projected to recover and relaunch, the world health crisis continues to cast a shadow on many countries and impact economic activity. Although the path to financial stability may be uncertain, having unique access to what employees are thinking may be the best strategic advantage for talent management in competitive markets.In 2020, we launched the ...

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  • 2021 Mid Year Review and Look Ahead (South East Asia)

    3 months ago by Katrina Chui

    We are seeing a dynamic recruitment landscape that has bounced back in 2021. Download our latest report to find out more.

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  • Advancing Women of Color in Financial Services

    7 months ago by Katrina Chui

    ​​In the past few months, we are seeing more and more women stepping up and crowning for senior positions in the financial services industry, including Singapore bank Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC), appointed Deputy President Helen Wong as group CEO.According to research, more than 90% of CEOs report that diversity is a top business priority, the dial towards progress h...

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  • Asian Fund Firms Hiring Focus in 2021 | Part 2 of 2

    8 months ago by Katrina Chui

    In part 1, we have explored the North Asia market. In this part, we will further explore opportunities in the Asian fund firms for the South East Asia market.Singapore has, in the past few years, seen a steady stream of global managers set up shop. And it seems have not ever stopped during the pandemic. Throughout Q4, we see JPMorgan doubled Singapore private bankers, U.S. h...

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  • Get the Cybersecurity Talent Right

    9 months ago by Katrina Chui

    2020, we see the largest workforce working from home. It speeds up the revolution on the new working format. DBS, Singapore’s biggest bank has also announced to allow employees to work from home up to 40% of the time as it adopts hybrid model. However, work from home brings challenges to the business – cybersecurity is top of the list.According to a study by AT&T, out of...

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  • South East Asia Financial Services Market Update

    9 months ago by

    2020 proved itself to be a very interesting year, one that turned our early 2020 predictions upside down. If COVID-19 brought anything positive, it was helping our clients realise the importance of their technology talent and how vital the cloud proved to be in creating a fluid working environment. Some firms were well-positioned and their staffs benefited from a seamless...

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  • Hiring Boom – Singapore Family Office

    9 months ago by Katrina Chui

    When you see that billionaire Ray Dalio has announced to open a family office in Singapore, you know the opportunities and growth in this space will be massive.No doubt, the Singapore government has been very supportive, they have been making an effort to lure family offices and hedge funds into the city state. In January, Singapore introduced a legal structure named Variabl...

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  • Private Bankers: I’m Coming Home

    10 months ago by Katrina Chui

    BS Group’s private banking unit has seen its business activity rebound to pre-COVID levels. It sees robust growth in the private banking business, led by family offices. According to Joseph Poon, head of DBS Private Bank, "they pretty much see Singapore as a lighthouse to the region."Reality is family offices from Europe and the United States were increasingly looking to div...

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  • Global Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

    12 months ago by Katrina Chui

    ​Have you been enjoying working from home while able to spend time with your family and loved ones? Have you been saving more time from the commute for extra resting hours? With the largest working from home experience, it inspires each one of us to rethink the meaning of "work-life balance".

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  • Investment Professionals in Asia Switching to Wealth Management

    12 months ago by
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  • Taking Stock: The Post-Pandemic Workplace

    about 1 year ago by

    While the global pandemic will inevitably result in long term transformations to the form and function of the workplace, the short term will mostly be characterized by iterative solutions intended to buy time and weather immediate concerns.It is uncertain when or if a vaccine for COVID-19 will be discovered, and radical reorganization of the workplace could prove an unnecess...

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  • Returning from The Circuit Breaker

    about 1 year ago by

    On 3 April, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced a nationwide partial lockdown, euphemistically known as a circuit breaker, to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore. After 2 months, the government announced Singapore will embark on a three-phrased approach to resume activities safely, post-circuit breaker. what is the financial market trend after Singapore return f...

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  • Global Report: Selby Jennings Job Confidence Index 2020

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    ​Interviewed with over 900 financial services professionals across the globe, donwload our global report to discover global and regional data.

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  • Banking Technology Hiring Freeze is Thawing | Interview with Bloomberg

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    ​DBS, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, Citigroup are increasing banking technology talent to their tech teams in the region despite the economic downturn. Asia has been the first-in-first-out from the months-long lockdown, giving room for financial services companies in the region to step up recruiting.

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  • Job Confidence Index 2020 report

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    Request a copy of our survey result from Financial Services professionals during Covid-19.

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  • ​Building Resilience: Covid-19 and Financial Services Recruitment

    over 1 year ago by Katrina Chui

    The continued Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in the largest working-from-home population in human history alongside a period of great economic uncertainty. As markets rattle, no financial sector will be left untouched.At Selby Jennings, we wanted to share how is recruitment being affected? How can employers move forwards with their hiring processes in this climate? We do see ...

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  • Market Report: Private Banking & Wealth Management (March 2020)

    over 1 year ago by

    ​​Last year was a relatively busy year for the private banking & wealth management market, we saw regional key movements from various banks that have led to team moves, restructuring and firms changing their strategy for 2020. What will the market be this year?Private Banking & Wealth Management Market ForecastWe believe private banks and external asset managers (EAM...

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