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Investment Management Singapore Salary Guide

Posted on March 2023 By Selby Jennings

Investment Management Singapore Salary Guide

​​As a hiring manager, knowing the market rate for the positions you are looking to fill is critical to sourcing, retaining, and rewarding top talent. By downloading our Selby Jennings Singapore Salary Guide, you can quickly and easily access up-to-date salary and bonus information in private equity, private credit, investor relations, public markets/hedge funds and real estate.

Our salary and bonus guide provides detailed salary information for both public and private sectors covering the following job titles:​

  • Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

  • Asset Managers, Equity/Fixed Income Research - Director Research

  • Asset Managers, Portfolio Manager (Equity/Fixed Income) - Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Private Equity Real Estate Vice President/Principal

Download our Selby Jennings' 2023 Singapore Investment Management Salary Guide today to ensure you are offering competitive salaries.