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  • Singapore Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024

    27 days ago

    ​The investment banking market in Singapore is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by its status as a global financial hub and its strategic location in Asia. The market is projected to contribute significantly to the global investment banking sector, which is estimated to reach USD $213.6 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 10.8%. This growth underscores the sector's c...

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  • Southeast Asia Salary Guide 2023

    about 1 year ago

    ​Stay Ahead in Southeast AsiaDiscover the 2023 Salary Guide for Hiring and Job HuntingDetermine what you should be paying your employees, or how much you could be earning.Stay ahead of the competition with valuable insights into salary trends, bonus structures, and compensation benchmarks across various roles and sectors within the Southeast Asia region. Our comprehensive 20...

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    Selby Jennings   Salary Guide 2023 (Southeast Asia)
  • Investment Management Singapore Salary Guide

    over 1 year ago

    ​​As a hiring manager, knowing the market rate for the positions you are looking to fill is critical to sourcing, retaining, and rewarding top talent. By downloading our Selby Jennings Singapore Salary Guide, you can quickly and easily access up-to-date salary and bonus information in private equity, private credit, investor relations, public markets/hedge funds and real est...

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  • Investment Management Hiring Insights

    over 1 year ago

    ​As the Investment Management market experiences serious change - undergoing profound transformation and grappling with a mixed economic picture worldwide - it’s never been more important to take stock of the hiring landscape, both as a business in the market for the very best talent, and for professionals considering their career options. The latest Selby Jennings Investmen...

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  • Tech in Singapore - Large Investments Call For Scarce Talent

    almost 3 years ago

    ​The InvestmentA pivotal moment in distributed ledger technology (DLT) development has just taken place in Singapore, with the government investing S$50 million to create a global digital trust market in the city-state. Over the next five years, this multi-million investment will develop digital trust capabilities that can enhance data privacy, create more secure transaction...

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  • Is Your Boss Invested in Your Career Development?

    over 4 years ago by Katrina Chui

    ​The banking and financial services sector is the third largest employer in Singapore. The city is the Asian hub for both large banks, and small, innovative fintech companies, which are quickly growing and transforming the sector.  This evolving landscape means the traditional career ladder has become more of a zig-zag path, and guidance from higher management levels has bec...

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    Is Your Boss Invested In Your Career Development
  • Why Your Business Should Invest in Work Life Balance

    almost 5 years ago

    ​​For many employers and HR professionals in financial services, developing work-life balance strategies that bring tangible benefits to the business and their employees can be challenging. In a candidate-led market, employees have more choice than ever, and after salary and job security they state that work-life balance is the most important factor for job satisfaction. To ...

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  • The Growth of Quants in Investment Banks

    over 7 years ago

    ​​Picture an investment bank drawn in a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ style. You’ve got traders, finance, the legal team and management; human resources and an IT team hammering away at their keyboards. Where would you expect to find quantitative analysts (quants)?Ten years ago, quants would have been tucked away on trading desks, inputting data into Excel spreadsheets and working throug...

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