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Singapore Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024

Posted on May 2024 By Selby Jennings

Global Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024

​The investment banking market in Singapore is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by its status as a global financial hub and its strategic location in Asia. The market is projected to contribute significantly to the global investment banking sector, which is estimated to reach USD $213.6 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 10.8%. This growth underscores the sector's complexity, fast-paced nature, and the extensive range of services it provides.

Given these dynamics, keeping up with the latest salary and bonus movements can be challenging. The latest Global Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024 is designed to help you navigate the current compensation landscape, offering valuable insights for employers aiming to attract their next key hire, and professionals looking to benchmark their current compensation against their peers in Singapore.

Key Highlights of the Guide:

  • Comprehensive Salary and Bonus Benchmarks: The guide includes detailed salary and bonus benchmarks for a variety of key roles across boutique, middle market, elite, and bulge bracket firms in Singapore.

  • Firm-Specific Insights: In-depth compensation benchmarks are provided for different categories of investment banks operating in Singapore, broken down by job title:

    • Boutique Investment Banks

    • Middle Market Investment Banks

    • Global Investment Banks with significant presence in Singapore

    • Elite Boutique Investment Banks

    • Bulge Bracket Investment Banks

  • Tailored for the Singapore Market: The guide reflects the unique aspects of Singapore's investment banking industry, such as local regulations, market trends, and the impact of Singapore's economic policies on the financial sector.

Optimize Your Hiring Strategy

Whether you are an employer looking to attract top talent or a professional aiming to negotiate your next salary package, this Global Investment Banking Salary Guide - 2024 provides the essential data you need to succeed.

Stay Competitive in Singapore’s Financial Services Hub

Singapore's strategic location and robust financial ecosystem make it a prime destination for investment banking. Stay ahead of the curve with Selby Jennings' comprehensive guide, tailored specifically for the Singapore market.