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Tomorrow's Fintech

Posted on May 2023 By Selby Jennings

Tomorrow's Fintech | Selby Jennings Global Fintech Report 2023

According to Robocash Group's research, the number of fintechs in Southeast Asia has risen by 3588% since 2000.

As the fintech sector continues to experience significant growth in Southeast Asia, it's essential to have effective hiring strategies in place.

Our latest global fintech report examines the future of hiring in the fintech industry across the USA, Europe, and APAC. Get valuable insights including:

  • The key hiring trends and their impact on the financial services industry

  • Compensation guidance for Southeast Asia, as well as the US and Europe

  • Recommendations for attracting and retaining top talent in the Southeast Asia market

  • Advice for professionals seeking their next career move in the Southeast Asia fintech industry.

Stay ahead in Southeast Asia's booming fintech market. Download our report now.