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Opportunities for Relationship Managers have not slowed down even during the pandemic. More than ever, banks are more focusing on increasing headcounts in this space.  One of our specialist recruiters will be in touch with you to discuss further.

Unfazed by last year’s challenges, the industry ended 2020 with healthy growth and plan to recruit 500 more staff in Asia by 2022; there is growth in this sector as banks remain focused and cater to the Asian diaspora, and this has been reflected in our clients hiring requests. 

Looking for Relationship Managers

We are hiring RMs specialized across ALL markets for various clients. If you are ticking the below boxes, we are keen to have a conversation with you.

  • I have experience as a Client Advisor/Relationship Manager in a Private Bank or Wealth Management firm

  • I have a network of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Institutional Clients, and/or Family Offices looking for investment opportunities with a Private Bank or a Multi-Family Office/EAM

  • I have a deep understanding of Investment and Lending Products and am looking to provide a meaningful client experience in line with their financial objectives

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Using a specialist recruiter is like having a sector insider working on your behalf to help you find a better job—and at zero cost.

  • Specialist recruiters hold market knowledge

  • Specialist recruiters provide insider tips for your CV and interviews

  • Specialist recruiters access exclusive roles

  • and more...

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