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How a Specialist Recruiter Can Help You Secure Your Dream Job In a Difficult Job Market

Posted on August 2020

Selby Jennings - A specialist recruitment agency

Using a specialist recruiter is like having a sector insider working on your behalf to help you find a better job—and at zero cost. At Selby Jennings, we hold long and rich relationships with some of the biggest or most successful companies within banking and financial services—and represent up-and-coming businesses who are seeking the hottest talent to help support their growth. Using a specialist recruiter is the best way to secure the dream role you’re searching for to supercharge your career.

Specialist recruiters hold market knowledge

As a specialist recruiter, we spend more time with our clients than generalist recruiters. We also give you access to insider knowledge about how leading companies within your sector function, and what exactly they are looking for. We can also answer questions and give insights into company cultures, leadership styles, and even growth strategies.

As a specialist recruiter, we are in a good position to give you advice on your job hunt in the context of the current job climate, such as your worth within the market, and whether your salary expectations are in line with your skills and experience.

Specialist recruiters provide insider tips for your CV and interviews

Throughout the many years of our operation as a business, our people have worked alongside specific hiring managers for years. We hold information that is vital to helping you secure your role. If you are facing competition from direct applicants, you will have an advantage with this insider information.

Your CV may need to be finessed to suit a certain role before being submitted via our recruitment consultant to the company, so we can consult you on which experiences and skills are most important to the employer for this role.


Specialist recruiters access exclusive roles

Our relationships with our clients are so strong that we are often chosen to represent a role exclusively. Companies rely on the headhunting skills of our recruitment consultants to bring the best candidates to them, rather than relying on further advertising for the role.

Signing up to our services will be your only way to access these roles. We will have a in-depth understanding of the company and role and can give honest feedback on your suitability for the role.

Read on to discover how a specialist recruiter can help you land your ideal role.

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