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How can finance firms ensure their offer is accepted?

Posted on May 2023 By Selby Jennings

How can finance firms ensure their offer is accepted?

Post-offer care is just as important, if not more important than the steps leading up to an offer. With lengthy notice periods and visas required for so many, this leaves room for error and time for finance professionals to get cold feet. 

In this market especially, companies are doing anything they can in order to retain their employees. At Selby Jennings, we have seen employers offer professionals the world in order to keep top talent within their organization. One main method often used by companies is the counter offer.

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Other offers include title bumps, pay increases and internal moves to high-performing teams.

Companies need to recognize that they need to pull out all the stops, as it is more expensive to backfill employees and in a competitive marketplace it is harder to attract top talent to their organization given that professionals will likely have multiple offers on hand. 

It is very important that employers ensure they are following up with professionals on at least a bi-weekly basis to check in and reiterate their enthusiasm for having talent join the team. Keeping communication regular as a hiring manager means you are front of mind. 

At Selby Jennings we have seen employers fail to keep in contact with their prospective employee on countless occasions and they ultimately ended up accepting a counter offer or even continuing to interview elsewhere. Loyalty and commitment is a quality that most professionals (especially in this market) are looking for in an employer, so it is vital to express this value throughout your communication with them until your new hire starts. 

Part of our job as talent experts is to assist in this effort in keeping top talent engaged and excited, but the message really hits home more when it is coming directly from their future manager. At the very least, a phone call should be on this agenda, yet taking a candidate out for lunch or drinks would be the best option as it is a much more personal approach. 

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