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The Evolution of Future Banking Talent

Posted on June 2021 By Selby Jennings

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APAC financial services hiring is booming.

However, the talent landscape has changed radically over the last year. Companies and firms are no longer facing the same talent pool or the same challenges. With prolonged travel restrictions, the rise of remote-working and new skillsets in demand,

Neil Tsui, Director of Strategic Client Partnerships APAC at Selby Jennings, answers some of the most asked questions he faces when discussing with companies regarding APAC hiring.

Questions such as:
    • "How do you see Singapore's banking industry job market evolving in 2021 and beyond, especially in light of digital banking and remote working?"
    • "When can we expect to see the job market picking up again and what skills will be the most in demand? "
    • "What can banks do to attract and retain quality talent amidst a volatile period like this?"

and more.

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