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​Ways to Kick Away Monday Blues on a Blue Monday

Posted on February 2020

Blue Monday

It is never hard to find a "Blue Monday" or "kick away Monday Blues" promotion in Singapore. But do you know there is actually a Blue Monday – called as the most depressing day of the year that sits on the third Monday for the first month of the year? It has been first publicised as part of a 2005 press release from a British holiday company.

Although Blue Monday is not a special day for the Asian society, as it might be more relevant for British, “Monday Blues” happens to affect us all. If you ever feel lack of energy and motivation at the beginning of your work week, ever feel a bit emotional and stress on a Monday morning, then yes, you are having the Monday Blues.

Kick away Monday Blues on a Blue Monday

Working with financial professionals in Singapore and South East Asia every day. Often, our conversation come around with candidates on “blues” about their jobs in financial services. We found an interesting perspective that there are easy ways to pump in energy for the Blue Monday and turn your day around.

It doesn't have to be something big. Listening to music can have a magical touch your emotion. Giving seats to others on the way to work can make your day feel special. Don’t want to moan every Monday at your desk? Want to start your work week fresh? Download our latest guide on top 5 ways to bit Blue Mondays.

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