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Why Consider Contracting?

Posted on January 2017

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​​A large number of candidates are considering contract positions or are looking to continue contracting for longer.

Here are some of the benefits of contracting:

1. Greater financial compensation

Contractor rates are traditionally higher than permanent salaries and depending on the state of the industry and location of the contract, competitive rates can be commanded. Niche skillsets and short-term positions can help contractors to secure higher rates of pay.

2. More flexibility

Contractors have the ability to choose when they work, who for and where from. It is also a lot easier to change contract than to change a full-time job and contractors have full control over when they take holiday.

3. Better career development opportunities

Contractor have the flexibility to take charge over their own career development, gaining experience in fields that can help progress their career.They are also able to test various industry sectors to widen their experience and be able to work for different-sized businesses, allowing them to gain an insight into a range of company cultures, processes and structures. This enables those contracting to build a robust CV and network of contacts to support their career development.

4. Choose your projects and better utilise your skills

Contractors also have the flexibility to choose their projects and work in areas in which they have a real interest. Talented individuals often work on a contract basis as it offers them a chance to better utilise their niche skills and employ further skills to hone their specialism and become even more of an expert. Such work is not only more rewarding but also enables you to command a higher rate and quickly accelerate up the career ladder.

If you’re considering a career move into contract work or are seeking your next contract position, contact us today.


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