Post-Pandemic focus: Avoiding a Talent Exodus 

According to the survey, only 5 per cent of the Singaporeans surveyed felt their employers’ support measures during the pandemic crisis were inadequate. This is something positive to hear. However, experts are predicting that the coronavirus pandemic could result in a 'talent exodus'.

Now that COVID-19 is driving towards the end of the tunnel, while businesses can get back to normal, the market has started to pick up. While there was a slowdown in H1 2020 due to pandemic, all businesses are keen to speed up for chasing back the missing time.

At this critical time, HR and recruitment experts are increasingly concerned that businesses will face a further crisis in the shape of talent acquisition and retention in ‘the new normal’.

Post-Pandemic focus: Avoiding a Talent Exodus

CEOs Concerned About Lack of Talent Even before Pandemic

Anxiety about the workforce is not new: PWC's latest Annual Global CEO Survey found that 80% of CEOs are either extremely or somewhat concerned about their organization’s ability to access skilled labour in the future.

Learning from Covid-19

It is important to realise, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the problem of lack of talent:

  • High-quality employees are more essential than ever, as businesses prepare to recover and relaunch

  • The lockdown period has given many workers a new level of clarity about their work-life dynamic

The result could be a mass exodus of talent post-pandemic.


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Great businesses understand the importance of keeping their employees for a long time. In doing so, they don’t have to regularly spend the time and money necessary to replace employees — which could devastate their bottom lines.

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  • Communicate effectively with your employees

  • Use transparency to encourage employee engagement

  • Adapt to changing employee needs

  • Provide support and authority

  • Foreground meaning and plan for the long-term

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