Global Whitepaper: The Work-Life Rebalance

Report: Work-Life Rebalance

Have you been enjoying working from home while able to spend time with your family and loved ones? Have you been saving more time from the commute for extra resting hours? With the largest working from home experience, it inspires each one of us to rethink the meaning of "work-life balance".

Work-Life Balance: Priorities are Changing and Shifting

This is an unusual year, it has accelerated the shifts on people's priorities. More than ever, the workplace looks different and companies are defining the "next normal". What do companies need to adapt to meet the needs and priorities of a changing workforce​? 

At Selby Jennings, while working closely with clients and candidates, these are the questions that have defined our daily conversations. Because of so, we are looking back historically and then exploring different ways companies and professionals are moving forward. By understand these can help to secure and retain talent.

Download our latest report "The Work-Life Rebalance", understand another perspective before setting the cornerstone for your company HR strategy.

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The Full Report Covers:

  • Chapter 1:

A Historical Perspective on Work-Life Balance

  • ​Chapter 2:

How Work-Life Balance Could Be Restored

  • ​Chapter 3:

  • How Changes to Work Will Affect the Wider World

  • ​Chapter 4:

  • Three Models of ‘Work-Life Balance’ for the New Normal