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Interim Report: Job Confidence Index 2020

Whilst the Financial Services industry continues to face impending challenges, career opportunities are enhanced. Digital transformation, FinTech, new and emerging non-banking innovators are all seeking superb professionals. Talent remains a critical factor for business when driving innovation for success.

Often, employers find it challenging to identify and convince great talent to leave their current employment and join them. We have also seen non-banking innovators increasingly outperform traditional banks in attracting talent. This includes attractive employee benefits through equity stakes and flexible working arrangements. Top talent in Financial Services now has wider career choices.

Job Confidence Index Survey(Interim Report)

We have engaged with over 300 experienced Financial Services professionals across South East Asia in February 2020. Our objective was to gather important views and data on:

  • Their economic outlook

  • Perceived job security

  • Are they happy in their roles?

  • Do they feel properly compensated

Our interim result shows that even 59% of people surveyed are expecting a worse economy, 60% of respondents are very confident or confident about their job security.

Interested in our interim result? Request a copy of the interim report for our Job confidence Index.