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  • Best Cities for Fintech Jobs: Global Hubs Driving Financial Innovation

    2 months ago

    Fintech is transforming the world of finance, and some cities are at the forefront of this revolution. These are the places where you can discover the most cutting-edge and impactful fintech solutions, careers, and opportunities. Whether you are looking for a new challenge, a smart investment, or a learning experience, these are the cities you need to explore. What makes the...

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    Best Cities For Fin Tech
  • Singapore's Rise as Asia's Fintech Hub: A Deep Dive into Fintech Investment, Crypto, and Beyond

    5 months ago

    Singapore has emerged as a prominent player in the global fintech landscape, solidifying its position as Asia's fintech hub. The city-state's success in this sector can be attributed to various factors, ranging from regulatory support to robust infrastructure. In this article, we explore why Singapore is an ideal destination for fintech, its current ranking in the fintech sp...

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    Investment In Fin Tech
  • APAC Financial Technology Salary Guide

    7 months ago

    Compensation guidance to support your hiring strategy or next career moveAre you curious about your earning potential in the thriving world of Financial Technology? Are you a hiring manager seeking to attract top talent in Singapore's competitive market? Look no further than the Selby Jennings’ APAC Financial Technology Salary Guide, your definitive resource for understandi...

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  • Southeast Asia Salary Guide 2023

    10 months ago

    ​Stay Ahead in Southeast AsiaDiscover the 2023 Salary Guide for Hiring and Job HuntingDetermine what you should be paying your employees, or how much you could be earning.Stay ahead of the competition with valuable insights into salary trends, bonus structures, and compensation benchmarks across various roles and sectors within the Southeast Asia region. Our comprehensive 20...

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    Selby Jennings   Salary Guide 2023 (Southeast Asia)
  • Market Report: Financial Technology (Mar 2020)

    about 4 years ago

    Financial technology is leading the market in 2020. ​With the growth of data, digital banking, and insuretech, we see potential for a lot of new teams being built, and new headcount to be added at the mid to senior level throughout our clients. We predict that there will be a demand at the mid to senior level as firms look to stay competitive in their field, and hire with th...

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  • How Making the Right Fintech Sales Hire Impacts Your Bottom Line

    over 5 years ago

    ​​With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we are all looking towards 2019 for ways that we can grow and be better in the New Year, and the same goes for Fintech Sales teams looking to grow their headcount.Ensuring you make the right hire for your team can have a significant impact on the bottom line of the business. According to research from Parker & Lynch, the U.S. D...

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  • Fintech Market Overview: Developments in North America

    over 7 years ago

    ​​What’s happening in fintech? Ian Pollari, Global Co-Leader of Fintech at KMPG International and Partner at KPMG Australia, says: “We are seeing a continued diversification across many dimensions of fintech – the growth of different subsectors, the size of organizations participating, the geographic location of fintech companies attracting investment and increasing levels o...

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