2.  Attend Industry Events

Industry events are a great way to meet and talk with like minded people and industry peers. They keep you up to date with what is new and exciting in your industry. By attending, you will be given the advantage of knowing about these trends as soon as they happen. Online networking is important & highly effective - but there’s a lot to be said for interacting with key people in your industry at a live event. Additionally, attending events enables you to create visibility for yourself, and your company, which overall helps you build your personal branding (see tip 4).  

One of the best parts of attending industry events is getting to hear the different speakers talk about their own journey and successes. It can inspire you to take the next step in your career and help you upskill within your career (see tip 8). 

There are a range of exclusive events available to finance professionals, many of which have gone virtual during the pandemic 

Can’t attend the event? It could still be worth signing up as organizers will often send  free webinars and recordings. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced events to change their structure, increasing the popularity of online events and interactive forums.  

Advice from Selby Jennings:

If you’re interested in learning about events that relate to your specialism, please reach out to one of our recruiters. It is likely that they speak at these events themselves and would be able to advise you on ones that benefit your career the best.