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How to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

Posted on January 2022 By Selby Jennings

Two people signing papers

Getting a job offer within the competitive and exceptional banking and financial services sector in Singapore is an exciting moment in any career, but it is still vital to spend some time considering the role before you enthusiastically respond.  

Before going for the role, you should take some time to mull over the offer and weigh up the pros and cons. No job offer will be perfect, but you need to consider the impact accepting the role will have on your overall quality of life and your long-term career prospects.  

Did you get along with everyone you met during the interview process, or are you concerned you are not going to get along with your manager? There may also be room to negotiate certain benefits within your offer, such as an opportunity to work from home once a week, or increasing a salary offer to cover expensive commute costs.  

This resource lists all the questions candidates must ask before accepting or rejecting a job offer.   

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